Self Tracking on Google Sheets: How to keep accountable for goals and resolutions

Left: Sense, an app that is paired with a physical device to track your sleep habits. Right: Dollarbird, a money-tracking app that I also used to track how often I did non-monetary activities like taking the subway.
Screens from my project, Timekeep, a mobile web app I built over three weeks to track how I spent my time.

Using Google Sheets

Tracking your time has a number of benefits:

Google Sheets automatically rearranges data into charts.

Setting up your Google Sheets Time Tracking



Some categories I use:

Making sense of your data

Key Performance Indicators for your personal life

Easing readability with Conditional Formatting

I have a column for each row that highlights if the total amount of time spent unproductively exceeds two hours for that day.

Go forth and track yourselves!



Linguist • accent coach • instructional designer |

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Adrian Lin

Adrian Lin

Linguist • accent coach • instructional designer |