Redesigning Blue Apron ’s cooking instructions to indicate time

Problem: How am I doing time-wise?

The traditional cookbook-style paragraph format of Blue Apron’s cooking instructions made it difficult to gauge the multiple cooking steps that often occurred in tandem.

The two sides of a Blue Apron cooking instructions sheet. The second page always contains six steps consisting of an image and a paragraph of text, with important items in bold.

Identifying the various pieces of content

Redesigning the guide to illustrate time

Most of my ideas made use of visual representation of time information
My rough sketch of what would become my final design.
My final redesign made on Sketch. I attempted to stick to Blue Apron’s existing styles and chose pale pastel colors so as not to draw attention away from the instructions.

Final thoughts



Linguist • accent coach • instructional designer |

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Adrian Lin

Adrian Lin

Linguist • accent coach • instructional designer |