Continuo: Optimizing Usability and Revenue

Example Continuo screens from the Apple iTunes Store

I was in the middle of replying to his email when it hit me: why tell, when you can show? Besides, this could be good experience for a beginning UX design professional.


A screenshot from the Continuo page in the iTunes Store

Being asked for feedback

Testing and redesigning for usability

Problem 1: Hidden done button

Proposed Solution: moving the ‘done’ button up

Problem 2: Tiny, unclear action button

Problem 3: Dead end roads for creating activities

By providing an option to unlock more activities, the has the option to create activities as well as generating more revenue for the developer.
The proposed solution removes the need for users to backtrack and circle back to add new activities.


Linguist • accent coach • instructional designer |

Linguist • accent coach • instructional designer |